I started my Twitter account late last year for the sole purpose of a project my students are working, where they are promoting an event via Twitter and must tag me in their tweets so that I can monitor their work. It is solely for my college work. I feel it can meet instructional needs, as I use it for that purpose now and will continue. I like that using a hashtag allows you to find all information for that tag in one spot. I will be adding that to my assignment as well.


A few other interesting tidbits I have recently found out about Twitter that might be of assistance are:


  • Hashtags originated with Twitter as a way to bring conversations together.
  • Unlike Facebook your user name can only be used by one person.
  • Far more businesses are on Twitter than other platforms. (According to Twitter Business Statistic 65% of Business use Twitter for Marketing)
  • Bitly.com can be used to shorten your links on Twitter since you are limited to 140 characters
  • The feed is continually updated so posting more often won’t irritate your followers (A complaint some have on Facebook)
  • Hashtag.com can be used to create tags you want to use with added information about it.